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We live in buildings we own, those rented out to us or those of our parents/relatives. These are what we call our homes. Home is where we let loose, feel safe and protected from the harsh weather and the dangers of the night.

Buildings age and to ensure our safety and security, their maintenance is important. Maintenance is the process of keeping something in good condition. Most people think that building maintenance is an expensive process but what makes it expensive is the ignorance and neglect of buildings which leads to accumulated repairs.





To spare your pockets unnecessary damage, here are four ways you can carry out building maintenance :

  1. Routine maintenance. It is the ongoing care and upkeep of a building. These include replacing floor tiles, lighting fixtures, cracked sidewalks, carrying out plumbing repairs, fire alarm and surveillance system inspection, painting and minor repairs like repairing faulty locks and taps.
  2. Planned maintenance which is done quarterly, biannually or annually according to the installation company. Examples of this are the inspection of lifts, air conditioning and fire extinguishers.
  3. Corrective maintenance. This is done when an equipment fails and needs repair or replacing. This can be an emergency replacement where the equipment needs immediate replacing.
  4. Regular cleaning of the house. We do this daily or twice a week for some, not only for hygiene purposes but also for the maintenance. Further, the building gets to retain its initial appearance. An old, dusty and dirty building filled with cobwebs and crawling animals is not appealing to anyone.

We therefore need to practice maintenance of our buildings to ensure their longevity.