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5 tips to selling your property online faster

With changing times, more and more people are using the internet to sell their real estates and property and moving away from the traditional methods of selling. The advancements in technology and the emergence of online property agents have made it easier to sell property. This has made it easier to also get a larger audience and a wider reach by using such tools as websites and social media.

As opposed to the traditional methods where buyers had to be there physically, technology has enabled new age buyers to be able to take virtual tours and sample pictures of suitable homes from their comfort through the web on their computers and mobile gadgets. Selling your house online also gives you the flexibility to keep checking your listings and make adjustments when necessary


Below are five tips that can enable you sell your house faster online and get the best value for your property

  1. Audit the credentials of your agent and their online presence

Most new age home buyers will start their house hunting online before they go on to close the deal physically. So if the online presence of your chosen real estate agent is not compelling enough very few people will be interested in viewing your home physically

  1. Take high quality photos and videos and sell the surroundings

Most buyers will make judgment of your online listings by the strength and quality of the photos and videos and it is very important to show your property in its best light. Take quality photos and talk about the best bits about the surroundings and neighborhood. Stage the exterior with fresh paint, immaculate landscaping and even outdoor furniture. Buyers often fantasize about enjoying their backyards by entertaining and spending time outside. For example, talk about the best schools and malls around the property to get the potential buyers attention

  1. Depersonalize the house but leave the good stuff behind

Take all the things that make your home your kingdom (e.g., family photos, religious hangings), pack them up and put them in storage. Buyers want to visualize your house being their house and it’s difficult for them to do that with all your personal items marking the territory as yours. To make your house sell better, you could also leave some good items behind like that well fitted fridge or cooker to make your house sell more

  1. Be careful when setting up the pricing

The internet helps users to be able to compare property prices. Online new age home buyers are very informed about the comparable prices of your property. It is advisable to get expert valuations for your house before setting up your house to make your house competitive on the online market.

  1. Make the property accessible and make sure it looks its best before every viewing

Most houses don’t get sold if they are not shown to the potential buyers. Make it easy for the agents and potential buyers access your property to increase the chances of selling it. Also spruce up your property to ensure she looks her best before every visit to lure potential buyers. Even if it means spending a little money on repairs, replacements, repainting, re-tiling and cleaning up carpets. This will go a long way to influencing the buyers’ decisions